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1300 Numbers

What is a
1300 number?

It is important to provide your customers with a contact point that is not only consistent, but memorable. 1300 numbers replace the need for using multiple phone numbers across marketing platforms, reducing costs and avoiding any potential confusion or conflict. 1300 Australia are the experts when it comes to setting up a 1300 number for your business.

  • 1300 numbers have ten digits, for example, 1300 227 171.
  • Your business instantly gains national reach, as your customers can contact your 1300 number from any fixed line in Australia.
  • If you’re a mobile business, 1300 numbers can be diverted to mobile numbers, as well as landlines.
  • As a matter of customer convenience, calls to 1300 numbers are untimed, so if made from a landline there is no difference to a local call.
  • Customers will incur costs determined by their mobile carrier should they call from a mobile phone.

You can use a
1300 number

  • To establish a nationwide point of contact, regardless of what state your customer is based.
  • To more effectively monitor and measure response rates on marketing campaigns, improving your future return on investment.
  • As an effective means to manage and report on inbound call flow.
  • As a call centre or operational help desk.
  • To set up a priority customer service.

Why should I opt for a 1300 number
over a landline?

  1. 1300 numbers have significantly increased functionality over a standard landline and can be combined with other services to reduce costs.
  2. When it comes to marketing, response rates are vital. 1300 numbers provide a clear insight into the performance of your company’s marketing and advertising campaigns.
  3. Because there are no hardware requirements, initial set up and maintenance costs are reduced.
  4. As your company grows, you may need to move office. 1300 numbers provide the flexibility to move with you, anywhere in Australia.
  5. 1300 numbers significantly raise the profile of your business. Customers are more likely to contact a 1300 business, than they are a standard landline number.