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1800 Numbers


1800 numbers reduce the barrier of cost to your potential customers. They are commonly referred to as ‘toll-free’, as when made from a fixed line they bear no cost to the caller. The host of the number manages any costs related to the call. 1300 Australia are the experts when it comes to setting up an 1800 number for your business.

What is a
1800 number?

  • 1800 numbers are ten digit phone numbers.
  • When made from an Australian landline, calls to a 1800 number are free to the caller.
  • Because the calls are toll free from a landline, 1800 numbers are proven to increase the likelihood of a potential customer or supplier making contact with your business.

How can a 1800 number
benefit my business

  • 1800 numbers provide superior functionality over a traditional landline.
  • There are no expensive cabling requirements, reducing set up costs.
  • 1800 numbers are flexible enough to divert to both landline and mobile numbers.
  • 1800 numbers allow for an improved customer experience, due to the ability to customise the management of inbound traffic.
  • 1800 numbers are widely known by the general public to be a cost-free service.
  • 1800 numbers are not simply a standalone service. They can be combined with various other features and services to compliment the needs of your business.