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Technology has exponentially increased the potential reach of growing businesses, bringing with it an abundance of ways for customers to make contact. There are pros and cons to this, as multiple phone numbers, e-mails and URL’s can make it confusing and can even pose the risk of cluttering your advertising and communication efforts.

1300 Australia’s Phone Words provide a single easy to remember contact point for your customers and suppliers, improving recall and satisfaction. Not only that, but phone words instantly boost the profile of your business. When advertising to a potential customer, you have a very limited amount of time to impart your phone number, so memorability is crucial. Words are naturally easier to remember than numbers, so by using a phone word you’re increasing the likelihood that a customer will absorb and remember your contact number.

The number of Australian businesses, large and small, who are benefiting from the advantages of phone words continue to grow. Research has shown a strong association between phone words and brand trust, so if your competitors are using phone words they’ll have an advantage over you. If you haven’t already, it might be time to stake your place in the market with 1300 Australia Phonewords.

Phone words

According to independent D&M research on the power of phone words:

  • There’s no better advocate for your business than your own customers, and ‘word of mouth’ advertising has the highest phone word recall at 93%
  • Of those surveyed, 87% of people preferred phone words over phone numbers
  • On an overall scale, research concluded that phone words were 5 times more effective than phone numbers.

Independent Roy Morgan
Research reveals:

  • 97% of Australian’s are aware of phone words and the concept of alphanumeric dialling.
  • Everyone is getting on board, as phone word usage has more than doubled since 2006.
  • Most importantly, awareness has increased to 97% amongst the prime group of 25-49 year olds.
  • When it comes to customer service, 75% of people prefer to use the phone compared to 25% of people who prefer the Internet.