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Telstra 1300 Numbers


With a Telstra 1300 number, your business can provide the customer friendly convenience of low cost untimed calls from nearly any fixed line in Australia. And it doesn’t stop at the phone number. At its core, Telstra Inbound Services provide significant benefits as well as a host of additional features, so whatever your requirements, we can tailor a service to ensure your customers are always able to talk business.

Powerful Communication

While your phone word provides a front facing boost to the image of your business, along with all the benefits to the customer experience, you can also connect it with the largest and most sophisticated telecommunications provider in Australia. With Telstra behind you, your business will immediately reap a range of benefits.

  • Access to the highest capacity network, with the largest geographical coverage, in Australia.
  • Telstra’s Intelligent Network (IN) is designed to handle duplicate paths, so there is no single point of failure for any call.
  • Unlimited answer points allow calls to be treated from clusters as small and specific as 200 households.
  • Calls can be redirected with ease during periods of high traffic, minimising lost calls and sales opportunities.
  • Silver Service options allow for improved queue management to optimise customer experience.
  • Having interstate offices and call diversion through Telstra can extend your operating hours via a centralised 1300 number.
  • Have the flexibility to move office without disrupting your telecommunications platform.

Powerful Reporting

Gathering insights on your business through consistent and effective reporting is crucial to maintaining and growing a successful business. Telstra Analyser Online and In Control offer high visibility analytics on the volume, effectiveness and duration of your calls.

Time sensitivity often determines the quality of data, which is why the Telstra network refreshes data every night to ensure relevance. This means you will always have full confidence in knowing the effectiveness of your campaigns and call traffic.

Telstra’s standard inbound features may include:

  • Mobile Manager allows you to direct mobile calls to a unique answering point based on geographical location.
  • Call Overflow gives you the option of alternative numbers when the original answering point is busy.
  • Call Splaying allows you to split incoming calls across different answering points.
  • Time and Day Manager allows you to divert calls to alternative telephone numbers based on the time and day a call is made.
  • Area Code Manager channels incoming calls from specified area codes to designated answering points.